Past Meets Present

F22 Raptor


Willow at sunset in the mountains.

She’s using one of our Custom Upper builds, where you can pick and choose your parts based on a theme.  Customer Upper #2 is built around a 13.7” barrel with either a BE Meyers 249F (top ranked flash hider on the market) or a Noveske KX5 (compact muzzle blast redirecting device)

Order up yours here!

Belt: Ares Gear, LLC Aegis Belt

Sling: Frank Proctor/Way of the Gun quick adjust, utilitarian two point sling with no extra hardware needed.

Macedon Defense Upgraded ACOG, get your own spacer/riser which allows for far more ergonomic use

White Devil meets RED Epic Dragon

  1. Camera: RED EPIC-X

Just completed production on this piece. BE Meyers 40th Anniversary Video

Fleet Week

  1. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  2. Exposure: 1/50th
  3. Focal Length: 50mm


Memorial Day // For Those Who Have Served

America: We’re here to trend the f*ck out of you!

I know photoshop.